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Large Magellanic Clouds & Tarantula Nebula NGC 2070

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Race, lineage, gender, rank… Worrying about that shit in battle does nothing but increase casualties. We absolutely cannot lose Briggs. No matter what happens, we must stay united! Never let your resolve waver! We stand together as ONE ARMY!

Briggs appreciation gifset for fullmetalarmstrongs

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Shhhh! This is a library Edward Elric.

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[2/10] favorite female characters → Mako Mori
"Fifty one drops, fifty-one kills."

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make me choose - natasharomanhoffs asked:
              ∟  natasha romanoff, jane foster or pepper potts?

" Fives years ago, I was escorting a nuclear engineer out of Iran. Somebody shot out my tears near Odessa. We lost control, went straight over a cliff. I pulled us out. But the Winter Solider was there. I was covering my engineer so he shot him straight through me. Sovert slug. No rifling. Bye-bye, bikinis.

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